Thursday, January 27, 2011

The rise of the corruption in india

The year 2010 has been annus horriblis for India. No sector of  private and public are immune from corruption,but in pubic the corruption is taking place at a very rapid speed . Infact corruption become the AIDS of our nation.The total loot of the pubic exchequer in year 2010 is more than Rs 4 lac crore.The question here arises is why can't these public servants understand these  exchequer comes from the diligence of the poor people by putting all their probity towards their work .

I remember a very good friend of mine who just got placed in accenture .Whenever we  both have a discussion on this rise of the corruption in public sector we have a fight because i use to favour the public sector and she always favours a private  sector even though she wants to go in public sector.She has a gigantic  and vigorous points on this topic.According to her, the public servants don't know the importance of the time,they are supposed to come at 9:00 am but they use to come at 10:30 or more.She has a very vindicate points on her part .I always favour public sector because i am gonna be the part of public sector in 2 jan 2012. Actually she is right after looking to the scam that took place in the previous year such as sukhna land scam,2-G spectrum,Adarsh land scam.

The Adarsh scam which is one the biggest scam that ever had in the history of India.  Adarsh  society, originally meant to be a six-storey structure to house Kargil war heroes and war widows, was converted into a 100-metre-tall building. I was shocked to learn that officers of the rank of general and admiral were in Adarsh"here is a man whom we trusted ,on whom our country dependent on".Its the monument of shame that these highly ranked officers are doing this corruption for the sake of money.They are the black marks on the Indian army.These types of officers should be severely punished.There are many politicians that are also involved in this scam as well.Basically these politicians are the basic root of every problem.Ashok chavan who was the CM of Maharashtra was also involved in this scam.He  actually alloted 3 flats for his relatives.I don't understand what is going to happen in future,if this continues than the condition of the India will be in worst condition.Due to these political leaders, India is facing tremendous challenges.These madcaps should understand that this treasure comes from the diligence of the poor people.

The rise of the corruption damages the effects on society.So there should be proper measure that should be taken to prevent the rise of the corruption in India. Preventing corruption entails eliminating opportunities for corruption, increasing transparency and oversight of government    functions, and improving incentives for good performance in public office. It will eliminate  price controls and other controls  which removes opportunities for  corruption.We need to understand the corruption is  a problem that lowers our standard of living and that need to resist in our own lives.